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Calcium Silicate Boards

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Calcium silicate is a white free-flowing powder derived from limestone and diatomaceous earth. It has a low bulk density and high physical water absorption. It is used in roads, insulation, bricks, roof tiles, table salt and occurs in cements, where it is known as belite (or in cement chemist notation C2S).

We are involved in offering Calcium Silicate Blocks. The raw materials for calcium silicate bricks include lime mixed with quartz, crushed flint or crushed siliceous rock together with mineral colourants.
The materials are mixed and left until the lime is completely hydrated, the mixture is then pressed into moulds and cured in an autoclave for two or three hours to speed the chemical hardening.
The finished bricks are very accurate and uniform. The bricks can be made in a variety of colours, white is common but pastel shades can also be achieved.

Calcium Silicate Boards Major Applications:

  • Power Plants Boilers, Steam Pipelines, Exhaust Ducts Of Gas Based Plants, Turbines, Fuel Oil Lines & Chimney. Fertilizer, Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Reformer, Gas Cracker, Heater, Ducts, Boiler, Steam Pipelines & Process Pipelines.
  • Iron & Steel Industry Blast Furnace Shaft, Stove & Bustle Pipe, Soaking Pits, Reheat And Annealing Furnaces, Waste Heat Boiler, Roof Top & Regenerator Shields Of Coke Oven Batteries & Lime Killn, Hot-Air & Flue Gas Ducts.
  • Sponge Iron Gas Based Reformer, Desuphurizer Vessel, Hot Air & Flue Gas Ducts & Waste Heat Recovery System.
  • Cement Industry Preheater Cyclones, Precalcinator, Klin Riser Duct, Firing Hood, Grate-Cooler, Tertiary Air Duct, Flue
  • Gas Ducts & E.S.P
  • Sugar Boiler, Steam & Process Pipeline


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