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Vineer - Natural & Recon

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Wood veneers are attractive and rightfully popular materials used for interiors of homes, office and other business establishments, aircrafts and more, as well as the enhancement of everything from furniture pieces to musical instruments. The are generally classified into two distinct kinds :

  • Natural Wood Veneer
  • Recon Wood Veneer.

Reconstituted veneers and natural veneers are similar in the fact that they are both wood materials. Natural veneer is obtained by slicing timber logs. As for recon veneers, a process of dyeing, laminating & re-slicing is added before you obtain the desired colour & pattern.

Natural Wood Veneer

Natural veneers are sliced from logs, and each logs are influenced by an individual tree’s reaction to its soil composition geographic location and other growing conditions throughout this duration of its growth.
The intrinsic patterns and markings in natural veneers aren’t altered or enhanced in any way, making each natural veneer from a tree an individual work of art.

Recon Veneer

Recon veneers is short for reconstituted wood also know as recomposed, man-made or manufactured veneers.

So what is recon veneer?

Recon wood veneers are made with actual wood from fast growing trees in managed forests. Recon veneers are a renewable product and also it is an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the rarer and extremely expensive veneers.

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